The Gorilla Position

The Gorilla Position is our new loyalty program that rewards our customers for spending their hard earned money with us.


For every $1 spent in our store, you will receive 10 “Brass Rings”. These brass rings can be accumulated and then cashed in for different rewards and prizes.


You can also earn points by sharing your birthday (we will send you free points on your birthday), sharing our website on social media platforms as well as referring customers to our site!


With referrals you can send your friends a 10% off coupon and when you do so, you will receive a coupon yourself worth $5 off of a purchase of $15 or more!


With all of those points, you can cash them in for free shipping, as well as coupons with increasing value. 


Lastly coming this fall, Gorilla Position exclusive pin variants and products will be available!


So if you haven’t already, sign up over at




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