Pre-Order Updates

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Last update: 9/9/20

This will be a living and ever changing page as we keep you updated on what the status of our preorder items are.

Current Preorders:

Smark Clothing Drop 1- Preorders Open.

Mance Warner Collection- Currently being manufactured

Hypnohausen Collection: Currently being manufactured. Expecting to start shipping in a week

Jeff Cobb Tees & Tanks- shirts have arrived. Shipping will begin today


Callux Hockey Jerseys- 100% Shipped

Danhausen/Vincent Lapel Pins - 100% shipped 

Ally Tees - 100% shipped 

Danhausen Baseball Jerseys- 100% shipped

Vincent Shorts - 100% Shipped

Vincent Tees & Dad Hats- 100% shipped

Danhausen RD 3/Vincent/Warhorse Masks- 100%’shipped

Mystery, Juneteenth & Ally Pins- 100% shipped

Logo Snapbacks- 100% shipped

Thank you all for the support! Business has exploded in past few months and I’m adding help so we can knock out these orders as soon as they arrive. Thank you for your patience and if you need any help please email us at



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